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First day nerves...

Most kids are especially nervous about that very first day of high school. I know I was! It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and a bit unsure about that all important first day. You might feel a bit sick or squeamish and you may even feel like you have a billion butterflies throwing a party in your stomach. Just remember, you’re not alone! Many hundreds of thousands of kids all over the world are feeling all the same things as you on their very first day of high school. And they survive — just like you will!

Many of my students tell me at the end of that very first day that it wasn’t nearly as bad as they’d expected. You see, our minds are very powerful things! The brain can expect the future to be horrible, blowing it into something scary and debilitating. The real future, when you actually get there, is often not so bad.

So take this risk — one bold step that might change your life forever. Dare to imagine a brighter first day, a better startup week, an encouraging first year at high school. And tell yourself it’ll be okay.

‘I’ll find my way.’
‘Someone will help me.’
‘I’ll work out my timetable.’
‘My bag won’t be so heavy tomorrow!’

Many students are actually truly excited about beginning high school. The excitement of a whole new environment, new subjects, responsibilities and friends is something they are
looking forward to and are ready to embrace.

No matter what position you’re in — whether you are a nervous wreck or insanely excited — just remember your first day of high school only happens once, and will go quicker than you can blink. So get on with it and enjoy your first day!

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