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There is no doubt that entering high school can be a very stressful time.
You are coping with huge changes including:

• High school/homework pressures
• New school environment
• New teacher
• Physical changes (puberty)
• Emotions
• Parents
• Friendships

It is really important that you find healthy outlets for dealing with any stress that you feel. Some people deal with stress by exercising or talking with friends. Make sure you find the outlet that best suits you, and make sure you take action.

One of the biggest stress indicators is illness, so make sure you take stress seriously and keep a healthy check on yourself.

Stress signs...

  • Inability to sleep properly.
  • Not being able to eat — disinterest in food.
  • Lack of interest in friends and things that you usually enjoy doing.
  • Crying often or feeling down in the dumps.
  • A feeling of being unable to cope.

If you are struggling with any of the above symptoms for a few weeks, you could be struggling with stress. It is important that you talk with your parents, teacher or school counsellor. It would also be good for your parents or guardians to arrange for you to visit your local doctor to get a thorough examination.


Stress busters...

  • Exercise! This is great for relieving stress, because your body will release its own natural, ‘feel good’ chemicals. It also helps the blood flow better throughout your body, giving it a great boost.
  • Go for a long walk!
  • Have a couple of early nights. If you are stressed, this could be a sign that your body needs a bit of a rest. Make yourself a warm drink, grab a good book and read for a little while before having a good, long sleep. You need between eight and ten hours sleep per night to feel well rested and stress-free. Make sleep a priority, and your other priorities will fall into place.
  • Eat well! Fill your body with lots of fruit and vegetables. This may sound a bit boring, however spending a few days giving your body extra minerals and vitamins will help restore you.
  • Hire your favourite comedy movie (or chick flick if you are a girl) from the DVD store! Laughter also releases your body’s natural endorphins that help make you feel better.
  • Do something you love doing — eg. paint, draw, write, hike, ride, or make something. What is your passion?
  • Spend a day out with friends — go shopping, skateboard,
    ride your bike, go bushwalking; just hang out together.


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